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Ashera's New Single ~ Withering Roses ~ 
A Paris Commune 150th Anniversary Tribute
March 18, 2021 marks the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune, which continues to be an inspiration to this day for those of us who dream of a more just and equitable world.
To commemorate the commune and this special anniversary, we've just released a new single called Withering Roses. Like all our music, it's available for free streaming, as well as free or pay what want downloads. We hope you enjoy. Solidarity!

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New Album Available Now!
Rob the RichAshera
00:00 / 03:12
Rob the Rich Inside Cassette Art (4).png


Anti-fascist Lullabies.png

Antifascist Lullabies EP
released 12/18/2019

Revolutionary Love Song - single
​released 5/31/2020

In Solidarity: Songs of Struggle and Liberation compilation, released 10/2/2020

Rob the Rich Album Art (5).png

Rob the Rich
released 12/18/2020


Left/Folk II: Resilience as Praxis compilation, released 3/5/2021

Paris Commune (1).png

Withering Roses - single

released 3/18/2021



Music videos from Rob the Rich



We're all vaxed up and ready to go!

Well, we need some decent rehearsal time, but we hope to be playing live shows around Oregon by the end of summer-beginning of autumn.


We're currently in the process of planning our first tour! More info to come.
A Blaze Ansuz: Antifascist Neofolk
Press About Rob the Rich
"Rob the Rich is... a psychedelic blend of country tinged protest folk and meditative experimental post-punk. There are songs that center current political events, and songs that paint a new mythic context for the present. This album is a threatening avant-garde celebration of a possible future for America, and a great addition to the LEFT/FOLK narrative."
Rob the Rich Album Art (4).png
A Blaze Ansuz: Antifascist Neofolk
"The new 10-song release is a wonderful extension past the limits of antifascist neofolk, which has the effect of both expanding what we could expect from the band and the genre itself."
The Ark of Music
Passionate writing on the most important issues, quintessential folky sounds, and eclectic, electric production choices... this ten-track project is as haunting and ethereal as it is impassioned."
Ratings Game Music
"Ashera fearlessly talks about race, freedom, equality, politics, and more in Rob The Rich. They also do everything in their power to bless us with astonishing melodies, rousing harmonies, and unique vocal performances."
"Ashera has created a mouthwatering prospect for fans and a brilliant dreamscape with beautiful melody is on the cards."
"Ashera has come with their latest album ‘Rob The Rich’ enriched with a leftwing perspective. It is a rebellion against the fascists through music... beautiful poetic vocals and hauntingly energizing melodies." ~Daily Music Roll
Past Press
A Blaze Ansuz: Antifascist Neofolk
They make war music for the battle against the right. Antifascist
neofolk band Ashera is stepping out with their debut EP and
making militancy their core value. This is a line in the sand.
“Antifascist Lullabies” is a Declaration of War.
-A Blaze Ansuz: Antifascist Neofolk
Rob the Rich Album Art (7).png
Protean Magazine

Ashera creates antifascist lullabies, multi-genre left/folk music with a focus on radical anti-fascist culture and politics. 


Ashera is a post-American left/folk duo that blends hauntingly poetic ouiji board vocals and soft acoustic sounds with an industrial backdrop and radical left perspective. They released their debut EP, Antifascist Lullabies, in December 2019. Their second album, Rob the Rich, was released in December 2020.


Ashera is a project that was born out of the revolutionary crucible in Portland, Oregon. Their music blends hauntingly poetic ouiji board vocals with dream folk, dark folk, and neofolk music that is channeled through a radical and revolutionary leftwing perspective to create what they refer to as antifascist lullabies: beautiful, soft, and soothing war music for the battle against the right. Ashera's music is a conscious contribution to the newly developing left/folk-antifascist neofolk genre of music, and to the development of a much needed culture of everyday antifascism in our society. 


Upon the December 2019 release of Ashera's debut EP, antifascist lullabies, neofolk blog A Blaze Ansuz: Antifascist Neofolk said, "They make war music for the battle against the right. Antifascist neofolk band Ashera is stepping out with their debut EP and making militancy their core value. This is a line
in the sand. 
Antifascist Lullabies is a Declaration of War."


Their second album, Rob the Rich, released on December 18, 2020.



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